Week Without Walls
Week Without Walls is just around the corner (November 22-25)!
Week Without Walls (WWW) offers our classes the opportunity to learn through adventure.
This year we renew our partnership with Keystone Adventures to deliver top-notch experiential education in the great outdoors.
We are finalizing the details of 3 trips, keeping all within Guangdong, for three groupings of classes:
Trip 1 =?Years 5 & 6
Trip 2 =?Years 7 & 8
Trip 3 =?Years 9 & 10.
Full details will be shared with students and families soon, including: destination, transport, accommodations, itinerary, etc.
To learn more about Keystone Adventures, please visit their website:
FAQ (tech on trips, insurance, etc.) –?https://program.keystone-adventures.com/faq

Why do we choose Keystone Adventures?

Working with the experts at Keystone Adventures??supports our whole school plan to develop student exposure to culture, outdoor adventure learning, and service.? With our teachers and their excursion leaders, these trips extend the learning taking place on campus, reinforcing the values, knowledge, and skills studied over the year.

Every trip is designed to develop student social skills, physical health and well-being, leadership skills, and an awareness of how to deal with new situations.

Keystone is an industry leader, expertise developed over ten years of operating schools trips in China.? Their leader training, risk management, understanding of young people, and attention to health and safety distinguishes them at a premium choice in a crowded excursion market.