ZIS Banyan Award 2022? ?? Competition Theme:?? ??
Strength in the Year of the Tiger?
?? Competition Inspiration:??
The arrival of the Year of the Tiger brings anticipation for the new year, and hope for?the?future.? ZIS students are a part of envisioning and building that future, and the goal of this competition is to hear their voice and ideas, to be inspired by their creative and critical thinking, and to challenge each other to?face the challenges of the?year ahead.??
?? The Competition:??
Students are invited to prepare a response to the theme “Strength in the Year of the Tiger” using a medium of their choice: poetry, prose, audio, video, or visual art.??
?? Age Divisions and Guidelines?? ?? Banyan Award Word Count Submission guidelines:?? ??
Share your entry with your grade level?(PYP)?/ homeroom?(MYP/DP )?teacher.?? Original submissions can be brought to the Head of School office.?? ?? Entry deadline is Friday, March 4, 2022? English language submissions please.??
?? Judging to be completed by a panel based on four criteria:? ??
i. Exploration of theme
ii. Creative Thinking??
iii. Critical Thinking??
iv. Communication??
?? Awards:??
One award per age category.?? Certificate of participation to all entries.?? Announcement of award winners on Friday, March 11, 2022??
? ? 2022ZIS “榕樹獎? ?? 比賽主題:?
?? 比賽靈感來源:?
?? 比賽設置:?
?? 年齡組別及指引?
年級? 字數不超過? 音頻/視頻長度不超過? 美術作品數量?
提交類型? 手寫、打印或電子檔(docx 或pdf)?? MP4?? MOV?? AVI??? WMV?格式? 原始作品或 JPG / PNG 圖像?
?1-3?年級? 250?? 1 分鐘? 1 ?
?4-6?年級? 500?? 1.5 分鐘? 1?
?7-9?年級? 750?? 2 分鐘?? 1?
10年級以上? 1000?? 2.5 分鐘?? 1?
?? 作品提交指引:? ??
將作品提交至年級老師(小學部)/班主任(中學部)。? ?? 作品的原件可交到校長辦公室? ?? 提交截止日期:202234日(周五)? 所提交的作品的語言為英語。?
?? 由全體評審員一起根據四個標準評選:?
i. 緊扣主題? ii. 創造性思維? iii. 批判性思維? iv. 溝通表達?
?? 獎項設置:?
每一個年齡組評選出一個優勝獎? 所有提交作品者均獲參與證書? 2022311日公布獲獎名單?