Friends of ZIS Meeting Minutes October 27, 2021

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SchoolPal Guidance – September 2021

We are pleased to introduce a new online service called “SchoolPal”.?It is a platform that ZIS uses to?strengthen the connection between home and school .

As a parent , after joining “SchoolPal”, you will be able to

  • view your child’s daily schedule on your phone
  • request leave from school (report an absence)
  • review your child’s attendance record
  • receive notifications and news from school.
We hope you will enjoy this enhancement of home-school communication.
The guide for SchoolPal registration is below – it will just take you a few minutes to log-in and you will have an account for your child(ren).
If you have any questions on how to log-in and how to use SchoolPal, please contact the school by calling the office 3315989.? Students are welcome to assist parents with the initial set up too!
School Pal Slide One



  • 用手機查看您孩子的每天課表
  • 向學校請假(報告孩子缺勤原因)
  • 查看您孩子的出勤記錄
  • 接收來自學校的通知和最新消息。


如果您對登錄和如何使用校寶有疑問,請掃描附件中的二維碼加入校寶咨詢群,或致電3315989 聯系辦公室。也可以請學生協助家長進行初始賬號的設立。

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