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About Terry Fox:

So who is Terry Fox????

Terry was a young Canadian who, at 18 years old, lost his right leg to bone cancer.??Instead of getting depressed or angry, Terry decided he wanted to make a difference.??He challenged himself to run across Canada and raise 1,000,000 dollars.??After training on his new prosthetic leg for over a year, Terry started his run on the east coast of Canada on April 12, 1980; he called it the?Marathon of Hope.??He ran almost a marathon a day (that’s 42 km) for 143 days before the cancer spread to his lungs.??He didn’t make it all the way across Canada – he ran 5,373km of the 6,800km – but he did raise the million dollars.??Every year, schools in Canada and around the world host a Terry Fox Run to keep his dream alive. ?




About the Charity:

All proceeds from this event go?to廣州市風馬扶貧濟困促進會,a charity based in Guangzhou, Guangdong that?mainly focuses on children.??They?have projects on leukemia, thalassemia, and malignant tumors. Currently they are running a project on screening thalassemia in Yunnan province.? Learn more by visiting:??


Charm = 10 RMB, Shirt = 80 RMB, Donations = any amount!