Qi'Ao Island


Early Years and Primary Years Programme

Early Years

Nestled at the back of our campus, the Early Years classrooms?opens to lush greenery and open play spaces. Our Nursery and Reception classes are the building blocks for the first stages of the PYP programme at ZIS. As an inquiry based programme the PYP fosters student centered learning and inquiry, both of which are of fundamental importance for our 3 and 4 year olds. Focusing on play based activities our Early Years team collaboratively work together to support our youngest learners. A shared art space connects the two spacious rooms, which also spill open to a large play space used for water play and various exploratory and role play opportunities.

Primary Years Programme

Students from Years 1 – 6 are members of the Primary Years Programme (PYP) community at ZIS. At the heart of the PYP is structured inquiry as a vehicle for learning. Inquiry learning gives ownership of learning to the students and develops their research and critical thinking skills. It allows them to pursue their own interests and make meaningful connections with what they are?learning to their home, community and the world.

Each unit of inquiry explores a different globally significant theme, as shown on the outside of the model. Teachers and students use key questions that are concept-based to structure the units of inquiry. This allows for integration of the six different disciplines (subject areas). As a result they acquire and apply trans-disciplinary skills while developing an understanding of these important concepts. The development of?learning attitudes and the expectation of socially?responsible behaviour are at the core of the inquiry model.

To help students navigate their own inquiries, emphasis is also given to the differentiated instruction of Literacy and Mathematical skills. With the benefit of low teacher to student ratios, we pride ourselves at ZIS on knowing individual student needs and tailoring our programme to best support students needs. At each year level teachers assess students prior knowledge and skills and support them to take their learning to the next level.

The overall aim of the PYP is that the students become internationally minded. Underpinning all?that the students do and learn are ten attributes called The Learner Profile.