?Application Procedure

Fill in the above form or?contact us to begin the admissions process.? Application forms are available on this page as well.

You are welcome to arrange a tour of campus – please?contact?our admissions office:

Email: admissions@www.hyjunko.com

Office PH: 86-756-3320016

Monday-Friday 9AM-5PM

If you are able to visit, the Admissions Team will set up a time for parents and the child(ren) to come take a tour of the school facilities, meet the Head of School , and discuss any further questions the family may have.

Application forms are available for download here or can be sent by email.

View the Fee Policy for 2022-23:

ZIS Fee Policy 2022-23 English

ZIS Fee Policy 2022-23 Chinese

View our School Profile for more information:

ZIS School Profile 2022





ZIS School Profile 2022

How are ZIS students selected?

We are an inclusive school, celebrating and learning from the diversity of our students. Our programmes are founded on the idea that every student awaits the opportunity to learn, grow, and achieve. Our students are assessed and interviewed so that we are prepared to support their learning.? As an English medium school, student proficiency in English is increasingly important due to the nature of the studies in the?MYP and DP. ?Admission for students with exceptionalities beyond that which we can provide for will?involve special consultation.

Can we arrange a visit to campus?

We are on campus over 180 days of the year and can arrange special appointments during weekends and holidays – give us a call. We recommend that you arrange to visit during a regular school day or during our special Open Days as you will have a chance to see school life in full swing.

Feel welcome to contact us by email or by telephone.

How long does it take to process my application?

The admissions process is a key element of your child’s success in the first weeks, months, and year. Hence, we work closely with families to make their transition to Zhuhai and our school.??The admissions process?allows for the foundation of the home and school partnership and ensures the right start for the student.?What we learn about the student as a young academic and as a person allows us to better facilitate their entry into our school life.? Additionally, we are able to share insight into?our programmes and values with students and parents – we know it’s vital to student success that families know and understand how they can support their development from home.? We do our best to process applications efficiently and thank you for your participation and diligence as we follow our admissions policies.

Application Forms:

Applying to ZIS involves two forms: Form One and Form Two.

Form One is completed by parents and submitted to ZIS Admissions.?Form Two is completed by the student’s present school who submit their reference directly to ZIS Admissions.

Application Form One

Applications to Years 2-6

Application Form Two PYP?(English) /?Application Form Two PYP-CHN?(Chinese)

Applications to Years 7-13

Application Form Two MYP DP?(English) /?Application Form Two MYP DP-CHN?(Chinese)

NB. Form Two is not required for students applying for Nursery, Reception, or Year 1.

Application Checklist

  • A completed and signed application form
  • Copies of these student documents:
    • passport
    • birth certificate (English translation)
    • residence permit
    • immunization record
    • two passport sized photos
    • official school reports and certificate of attendance from past two school years (English translation)
    • specialist reports of Special Education Needs
  • Copies of these parent documents:
    • passport
    • residence permit
  • A complete confidential reference form from student’s previous school (Application Form 2) faxed/emailed/mailed to Admissions Office at ZIS directly.