Being a?Global?Citizen
As an IB World School, developing international-mindedness in our students is central to our mission.??That mission states that we serve the students of Zhuhai and the Greater Bay Area in order to: “develop dynamic and principled?global?citizens” and so it is important that we have a living, breathing definition of what?it means to be a “global?citizen“.? Not only are these points important for today – but we believe they are important for tomorrow as well:
At ZIS, a “global?citizen” is someone who…
  1. seeks an understanding of the wider world
  2. develops an identity that involves the capacity and responsibility to make positive change in their world
  3. collaborates with others to pursue equity and sustainability
  4. takes action to advance peace in the world
  5. practices service learning in their?global?engagement
  6. applies creative and critical thinking to world issues
  7. leads through empathy, values diversity, and respects otherness
In practical terms, developing as global citizens means, for example:
  1. learning about our own culture and the cultures of others
  2. celebrating the cuisines of other parts of the world (we’re very excited for our upcoming Korean lunch!)
  3. reading significant literature from different times and places
  4. using our multilingualism to our advantage in the classroom
  5. learning about the nature of conflict and strategies for resolution and peace
  6. exploring global current events and issues and appreciating the perspectives involved
  7. developing our IB Learner Profile attributes, including “open-minded”, “principled”, and “reflective”
  8. carrying out service learning in our classrooms and for our wider school community
Our commitment to teaching?global?citizenship?involves:
  1. intentionally planning for curricular and co-curricular learning that is embedded in all programmes
  2. delivering age-appropriate?global?citizenship?learning in relation to the above 7 outcomes
  3. maximizing the school’s cultural context to inform local and?global?citizenship
  4. seeking ways to measure, assess, and further develop student’s development of?global?citizenship?and intercultural learning
  5. providing a culturally sensitive learning environment, employing culturally responsive pedagogy
  6. involving all stakeholders in adopting, supporting, and furthering our school mission to develop?global?citizens
With over 20 nationalities represented on campus and creative and passionate teachers from across the globe, we work toward these 7 outcomes, purposefully learning from each other with open-minds and a?desire?to understand this world we call home.