Dear Parents, 尊敬的家長:
We are pleased to offer a selection of after school activities – I hope you will find many opportunities for your child to expand their skills and interests with these offerings.
A school bus is available weekdays after activities to transport students to the Horizon Cove clubhouse. ?Students in Primary need to be picked up from the clubhouse by an appointed adult. Each activity has a minimum and a maximum number of students. ?We will do our best to accommodate all interest.
ASA snapshotPlease sign up by scanning the QR code here and in the information pdf below for the digital survey by noon of Friday, September 2. This was also sent via email.
在周一至周五 ,會提供接送車送課后興趣班的學生們到海怡灣畔會所。小學部學生們需要由指定的大人到會所接。每個班都有最低開班人數和滿班人數。我們將盡力滿足所有人的選擇。如需報名,請掃碼填寫鏈接中的二維碼,于9月2日(星期五)中午之前填回電子問卷。費用將在開課后收取。
Warm regards, 謹致問候,
Andrew VanderMeulen
Head of School
安德魯校長 珠海國際學校