Learn more about?Zhuhai International School – make an appointment to visit the school by contacting our Admissions Office? at?admissions@www.hyjunko.com or [0086] 756 332 0016.

Moving your family to Zhuhai?? Assistance with applications?and interviews can be arranged using online conferencing tools.

Admissions Policy

Zhuhai International School is open to all students from 3 to 18 years old who carry foreign passports or residency permits from Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan.? Students applying for positions at ZIS should hold appropriate visas that allow them to live and study in Zhuhai, China.

The language of instruction at ZIS is English and so we offer phased language instruction to those students who are not already fluent.? Our?Year Level Admissions guidelines?outline the pathways to?rewarding?years of learning with us with?graduation and post-Secondary studies in mind.

Year Level Admission Guidelines

The process of admissions prioritizes the sharing of information and the building of the relationship between school and home.? The more families know, the better!

Interviews and assessments are included in our admissions process to ensure the school can make the best provision for each student by way of educational support if and as necessary.? Class placements in ZIS is in accordance with age related criteria i.e. the cut off birthday date determining age and therefore Year group being 01 September.

Early Years and Primary

Nursery to Year 6 inclusive.?[Ages 3 – 10 years]

Students are able to experience a ‘trial day’ for families in and around Zhuhai.?These prospective students are invited to spend half a day or a full day in their age level class? on a date arranged with with parents.? Teachers will observe and assess their trial experience and will share feedback?with parents.


Years 7 – 13 inclusive [Ages 11 – 18 years]

Students sit?Mathematics and?English Language tests and will participate in an entry interview with?the Head of Learning Services. The assessment is diagnostic, for school purposes,?helping to inform our approaches to teaching and support.

Students entering the Diploma Programme work?closely with the Curriculum Coordinator to select?the best course options upon acceptance.

Students entering?Years 11 to 13 may be expected to take the IELTS [International English Language Testing System] examination.


Applying from Out of Town?

We are here, ready to set up an online conference with you to support students applying from out of town.


Learn more about?Zhuhai International School – speak with our Admissions?Team ?at?admissions@www.hyjunko.com?or [0086] 756 332 0016.